Creativity, for me, is a process of solving problems. “How do I paint the shading on this sleeve without getting black paint all over the canvas?” Doesn’t that sound like a daunting question?  To a non-painter or a new artist, this simple question of technique can be daunting.  It’s a skill you have to exercise to progress with. You get better as you attempt each time. I don’t consider myself an artist because I’ve painted some things. I consider myself an artist because I practice my skills frequently.  

Creativity influences my life in profound ways. 2020 crashed into our lives, which cut income in our household, but also kept us at home and distant. Talk about a “now or never moment,” right? Now the budget’s tightened and health’s a concern, I took on more cooking and nutrition.  As painting all day was leaving my brain scrambled, I decided to give macrame a swing. Our house got filled with plants, as a sign of blossoming self-care.  I’m thankful to be a creative, because it gave me venues to pivot from my 9-5ish job. Even if sports, music, or another skill is your thing. The benefits of regularly exercising that skill can be profound. If a hobby is more your speed, the self-care benefits alone are worthwhile. 

TLDR:  I look at life like a palette.  If I’m familiar with what resources I have, I can paint anything.  It’s all up to me.  I’m the one holding the brush.  

What skills and resources can you pull from to enhance your life?


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